Securus Technologies – Providing Telecommunication Services For Prisoners

Securus Technologies is a company that has been serving the law enforcement agencies and correctional space for long. The company is built on innovation and serving its customers with trust, which is why, the company, is today the market leader in the correctional sphere.

Securus Technologies offer a variety of services to the correctional space for inmate communications, which includes phone services, video services, video visitation, email services, voicemail services, and more. These services help the prisoners to remain in contact with their loved ones and are one of the essential services that also contribute to keeping the crime rate low in the correctional spaces.

Securus Technologies is very transparent in its operation and wants to let their customers and investors know about how they operate their infrastructure development and the advances they have made in the technology front. It is for this reason; the company recently announced an open invitation for the potential and existing customers and invitation to their technology center based in Dallas, Texas.

Their technology center is one of the most advanced on the planet, and the fact that Securus Technologies already has over 600 patents to its name, only goes on to add credit to that fact. In the press release announcement, they also released a series of comments from the letters the company received from the jail and law enforcement officials. In the comments, the jail and law enforcement officials have praised the company for their services and have listed how the company’s services are helping them keep the crime rate low.

As a jail official myself, I have put to use the services offered by Securus Technology to maintain the inmate on inmate crime low and get the information available in real-time to catch the offenders. Also, it has drastically with crime prevention and keeping the mischievous detainees and offenders in check. Securus Technology has products and services that keep the communities and correctional space safer, and also ensures that the inmates can stay in touch with their loved ones.

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