Sheldon Lavin: His role in the early growth of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, a position he has held since the mid-1970s. He is the force behind the growth of this company. It is currently the biggest food production company in the world. His contributions have seen the company take steps which have changed the way business is done in the food industry. He has always advocated for the best practices to be used in the food production operations.

Before coming to OSI, Mr. Sheldon Lavin was working as a banking executive and investment manager. It is at this time that the sons of Otto- the founder were looking for finances to expand the operations of the company locally and internationally. Lavin was assigned by the bank to help them with the deal. He helped this organization to secure capitalization which enabled them to acquire a production plant. He was offered an opportunity to work for the company but declined instead offering to help with consultancy.

Otto & Sons continued with its growth, and the role of Sheldon Lavin became even more paramount. The business had plans to move its operations internationally. When capitalization for international expansion came up, Lavin again played a critical role. However, this time he would not be left out of the deal. He joined Otto & Sons, which now changed to OSI Industries.

After joining as an equal partner of the company, there was pressure from the main and only client of the company- the McDonald’s- for him to take up the role of the CEO. The McDonald’s was also on a rush to move international and needed a trusted hand on top of operations at OSI which was at the time a key supplier of meat products.

The growth of OSI Group was influenced by the growth of the McDonald’s such that every step the McDonald’s was taking had an impact on the OSI Group.

After the entry of Sheldon Lavin, he tried to change the course of the company’s operations by establishing other business connections. Finally, the company stopped its over reliance on the McDonald’s. Today, the company operates in 17 countries and has many business partners.

The Community Service of Paul Mampilly to his Society

The great senior editor of the Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mampilly, is a man whose legacy will never fade in the history of the United States of America. He is on the record as the only person to come from rural India and became a trailblazer of the investment industry as he is today. He was brought up in India with his parents experiencing persistent financial constraints. Neither his father nor mother had formal employment; therefore the family of Paul Mampilly survived on an irregular income that his father earned working as a casual laborer. His father remained remorseful for failing to afford the best life that he wished for his children and family.

Amid this, Mampilly’s father went to Bombay, the largest city in India, to look for greener pastures. This met him with a rude shock since he found that the life there was worse. After a short while, he made up his mind to relocate his family to Dubai where Paul Mampilly started his normal day jobs. Luckily, it was not long since the country had started exporting oil. This was a jackpot for the family since Mampilly’s father started working in the oil mines. This changed the lifestyle of the family, and then his father could afford school fees for Mampilly and his sister.

Paul Mampilly joined the Montclair State University in 1986 and completed undergraduate program in 1991 after obtaining a degree in business administration. He later joined the Fordham Gabelli School of Business where he mastered the same discipline. After completing his studies, Paul Mampilly was employed at the Bankers Trust as the assistant to the portfolio manager at that time. He performed the role with a lot of zeal and was promoted to become the manager of the portfolio. Paul would later work at different companies and rose up the ranks to become a senior investment manager and consultant.

However, Mampilly felt that his work was not benefiting the common American but only the rich few investors who brought their investments under the organizations for which Paul worked. He decided to quit the employment and starter dispensing his knowledge and experience to the common American citizens using newsletters and other publications.

How OSI Group Went Global

Persistence and resilience are the major contributors to the success of an organization. As for OSI Group, being ranked a leading food service provider is an honor. With that said, every journey always has a beginning. In this case, this context will revolve around how OSI Group started out and how the organization was able to stay ahead of its competitors and become an international corporation.

Background Information

During the beginning of the 20th century, many German immigrants saw it fit to settle in Chicago, Illinois. Otto Kolschowsky was one of the immigrants. After settling in and studying the Chicago environment, Otto decided to open up a butcher shop that was at first meant to serve the community at large. With time, business was picking up, and Otto decided to open up another branch in Maywood. Business was running smoothly as expected. Since Otto had two sons; Arthur and Henry, he decided to introduce them to the business. That is how the business came to be known as Otto & Sons in 1928.

The Symbiosis between Otto & Sons and McDonald’s

Otto & Sons was running smoothly, and they were also gaining an excellent reputation due to their ability to satisfy their customers and also offering quality meat products. Well, due to the positive reputation that Otto & Sons had gained over the years, the McDonald’s restaurant decided to work with them. As the primary supplier of meat products to the McDonald’s entity, Otto & Sons was able to amass vast amounts of revenue.

Otto & Sons Deploy Useful Technology

Food is a fast moving commodity. As a result, the McDonald’s restaurant was expanding faster than expected. Well, this was good for Otto & Sons since they would supply vast amounts of meat products. However, there came a challenge that involved transporting meat products to the McDonald’s entities that were situated in locations that were not in close proximity. Since quality is of great importance, Otto & Sons were lucky to come across a technique known as flash freezing that was discovered in the 1960’s. Without hesitating, they deployed this piece of technology that involved keeping the meat products in a frozen state through the use of liquid nitrogen. The breakthrough allowed them to transport meat products in frozen state over long distances.


Since Otto & Sons were now able to transport meat products over long distances, while still maintaining the mark of quality and freshness of their products, they were now confident that they could transport their products all over the globe without any worries. Over the years, Otto & Sons later transitioned to OSI Group. The company also procured the services of leaders such as Sheldon Lavin; the current serving CEO of OSI Group. Far from that, OSI Group is currently a global corporation and a leading food service provider.

Professor Idris Advises the World on IP Treatment for Globalization

Recently, social media giant Facebook took on a collaborative project with the Chinese government. The eventually unsuccessful project centered around the creation of a photo sharing app. Even though the app was not overly popular, the development required Facebook to reveal some of its operational information to the Chinese. This peek at U.S. trade secrets represents a global problem currently building up steam. According to Professor Kamil Idris this problem is at the heart of the new challenges globalization presents the world. Situations like these are the causation of piracy and counterfeiting that attack one side of globalization, and purchase restriction of patent policies attacking the other. The only way international connectivity has a chance to survive, is if the IP infrastructure worldwide gets a huge boost.


Professor Idris is President of the International Court of Arbitration and Mediation. Professor Idris is a Sudanese national and international expert in the realm of globalization. He has authored many books on Intellectual property and international law. His belief is that a stronger IP infrastructure developed in every nation worldwide is key to providing protection for theft. He also believes that developing regulation for globalization will allow ideas to be shared, and countries both big and small to participate in the high-tech market. Globalization allows for innovation to be shared between countries or fostered in collaborative effort. Uniting the best minds in the world has untold possibilities but graft and stealing cancel such possibilities out.


China specifically has been called on the carpet for the theft of American intellectual property. The riff between the two nations has grown as more and more cases have been reported. The New York Times placed the amount of money the U.S. loses in intellectual property theft upwards of $600 million dollars. This is why a righter infrastructure is needed, to protect the interests and profits of a nation’s innovation. Ideas should be shard, but in Professor Idris’s mind this sharing needs to be well thought out and regulated.

A look at Vijay Eswaran’s version of who is a leader

Life skills are meant to make a person better. To make someone better as compared to the old. To achieve what one may have deemed to be unrealistic. The change and feeling is expected both at a personal level and also in the business world. Owners of business and management want the best employees with the right attitude.

In the world of life coaching skills and mentorship we meet Vijay Eswaran. He has created a name in this world as he speaks in international forums or makes comments on publications. He has been able to tackle different issues that are surrounding the aspect of making one be the best.

Vijay Eswaran has a very keen eye on leadership. He has defined who is a real leader using five virtues. Caring takes the lead in his five definitions of a leader. While clarity and vision should always come second for a leader to succeed in his/her endeavors. Thirdly core of value is a must for any leader. Fourth is the commitment to growth with a lead to lead being the fifth.

Apart from leadership, Vijay urges everyone whether in business or in their personal life to make good use of fear. To most people what they fear is what often acts as a stepping stone and as such they should perceive anything they fear positively. Vijay likes to replace fear with the feeling of excitement, energy and pushing for growth.

Besides sharing life and leadership skills through motivational talks, Vijay Eswaran also does so through books. He is an and his book two minutes away from Abyss challenges the readers to take up the mantra of living now. It’s a small book that keeps the reader hooked and is simple to understand. It composes of the eleven rules of confrontation. Confrontation to the failures one may experience. The book is a detailed version of the lessons Vijay Eswaran has accumulated in life.

But who is Vijay Eswaran?

He is a Malaysian and also a business mogul. He is the executive chairman of the IQ Group of Company. The company has a presence in over thirty countries. He is a graduate from London School of Economies and Southern Illinois. Above all, he has a personal motivation to make change through his philanthropic activities through a foundation which is ran by his beautiful wife.

How Alex Pall Feels About His Band’s Success

Since Alex Pall is one half of The Chainsmokers, he knows there are things he can do to make people understand all the options he has for showing others positive experiences. He also feels good about the way he runs the band so he can continue providing people positive music choices. When his band hit number one after many consecutive weeks of success, he knew there were things that would continue helping him see the most positive parts of the way he made music. He worked with his bandmate to come up with ideas for new music and that’s what they put into action as a band. While they realized they had to do a lot of different things to make the music work, they also knew they had to experience more based on the positive opportunities they had while creating band experiences. It was their goals that shaped their future.



Now that The Chainsmokers is extremely successful, Alex Pall knew he made the right choices. He felt good about the experiences he had with his bandmate and that made sense for him to continue making music. He knows what the people want and he isn’t afraid to keep showing them he can do things the right way. For Alex Pall, the point of the music is so he can continue helping people have a good understanding of it. He wants everyone to see where they can get positive musical opportunities from no matter what.


The ideas he had for success in the past were shaped by the experiences he created with the industry. The Chainsmokers continue their success and Alex Pall felt good about the right way to do things. He also felt confident he was making all the right calls with the music he created. It was his idea of helping that made it easier for him to see there were positive experiences people could benefit from with the music. Alex Pall knew just what to do and wasn’t afraid to keep giving back no matter how hard he had to do work to do things. The band continues being successful because of his dedication.

Tallahassee Emergency Physician Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been a practicing physician in emergency care for the past six years. He is licensed to practice medicine in Louisiana and Florida. Furthermore, he is certified in emergency medicine by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.


Prior to going to medical school Dr. Eric Forsthoefel received his Bachelor’s degree in religious studies from Florida State University. Following his undergraduate studies Dr. Forsthoefel was admitted to the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 2005 and he graduated in 2009.


Following his successful completion of medical school Dr. Forsthoefel began his residency at the emergency department of Louisiana State University. Dr. Forsthoefel spent two years in his residency at Louisiana State University. It was during these two years of hard work that Dr. Forsthoefel realized that he had a passion for emergency medicine. Emergency medicine doctors are on the frontline of difficult medical cases that occur at all hours of the day. No two cases are exactly the same and emergency medical physicians must be ready to deal with unique cases at a moment’s notice. Dr. Forsthoefel was required to deal with a littany of medical emergencies during his residency from simple illnesses to acute injuries. After three years of long hours and difficult work Dr. Forsthoefel completed his residency at Louisiana State University and returned to Florida to continue working in emergency medicine.


Currently, Dr. Forsthoefel is an emergency medicine physician at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare. Dr. Forsthoefel has been practicing for the past six years at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare since the completion of his residency. He is one of twenty-six doctors that specialize in emergency medical care at Tallahassee Memorial. Dr. Forsthoefel is dedicated to ensuring that each patient he encounters receives the best medical care possible in the often hectic and difficult environment of emergency medical care.