A look at Vijay Eswaran’s version of who is a leader

Life skills are meant to make a person better. To make someone better as compared to the old. To achieve what one may have deemed to be unrealistic. The change and feeling is expected both at a personal level and also in the business world. Owners of business and management want the best employees with the right attitude.

In the world of life coaching skills and mentorship we meet Vijay Eswaran. He has created a name in this world as he speaks in international forums or makes comments on publications. He has been able to tackle different issues that are surrounding the aspect of making one be the best.

Vijay Eswaran has a very keen eye on leadership. He has defined who is a real leader using five virtues. Caring takes the lead in his five definitions of a leader. While clarity and vision should always come second for a leader to succeed in his/her endeavors. Thirdly core of value is a must for any leader. Fourth is the commitment to growth with a lead to lead being the fifth.

Apart from leadership, Vijay urges everyone whether in business or in their personal life to make good use of fear. To most people what they fear is what often acts as a stepping stone and as such they should perceive anything they fear positively. Vijay likes to replace fear with the feeling of excitement, energy and pushing for growth.

Besides sharing life and leadership skills through motivational talks, Vijay Eswaran also does so through books. He is an and his book two minutes away from Abyss challenges the readers to take up the mantra of living now. It’s a small book that keeps the reader hooked and is simple to understand. It composes of the eleven rules of confrontation. Confrontation to the failures one may experience. The book is a detailed version of the lessons Vijay Eswaran has accumulated in life.

But who is Vijay Eswaran?

He is a Malaysian and also a business mogul. He is the executive chairman of the IQ Group of Company. The company has a presence in over thirty countries. He is a graduate from London School of Economies and Southern Illinois. Above all, he has a personal motivation to make change through his philanthropic activities through a foundation which is ran by his beautiful wife.