Rebel Wilson And The Inroads That She Has Made

Rebel Wilson is a body-positive actress in the 21st century. She is really making inroads for people who are in all kinds of categories—those who are morbidly obese, those who are Australian and want to go into comedy, women and those who have shyness issues.

There are a lot traditional ideas that still pervade through society. Such ideas state that people should rush into marriage and childbearing. These ideas are especially true for women. Women who are single and/or childless are frequently thought to be immature, “have problems” and “be in need of a man.”

Men and women are both held at less value when they don’t have kids, and there is a special type of pressure that is put on women. This leads to a lot of women being spoken down about throughout life by their peers and family members.

It also leads to a double standard where, many times women are shamed for their sexuality, yet are expected to constantly use it in the service of giving men pleasure and bearing children. Rebel Wilson has not allowed herself to get sucked into this paradigm of shame and pressure. Instead, she just goes at her own pace.

As an Australian actress who does comedy, she is unique because not many Australians in America do that type of acting. She kind of just fell into that because of her appearance as a fat lady. It is really messed up, but audiences would laugh at her extra flub whenever she performed dramatic roles.

Fatness is generally seen as something that is ugly and disgusting, though in recent years there have been many media campaigns and campaigns by celebrities to make different body types that aren’t particularly skinny more acceptable. The result is that there are now more overweight and obese models and actresses.

As a person who has struggled with shyness, Rebel Wilson should be a role model to those who have the same issue. Shyness and social anxiety can be crippling to a lot of people’s lives. It can keep people from properly forming circles of friends, networking, having meaningful life moments and getting better jobs. Her mother was correct to send her to acting lessons as a child to help her out of such a rut.

Rebel Wilson also took the initiative to help herself out of the rut by working on her own character by joining clubs in school. Rebel Wilson made a glorious transformation from someone with anxiety issues to someone with bursting confidence and abilities.

The transformation is definitely worthwhile to talk about because some people make excuses to themselves and/or think that they can never get out of such ruts and that certain emotional problems are impossible to get out of.

The truth is that shyness and anxiety can be worked on. You do not have to live with those issues and accept them as being unfixable. Rebel Wilson, by virtue of the fact that she worked hard on her own character, shows that a person with anxiety can work their way out of it.

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