What Does Dick Devos Think About Michigan Playing for Basketball Championship?

The State of Michigan should be proud of their native son, Dick Devos and basketball team. Now, the Michigan basketball team is playing for the national championship. Is this what entrepreneur means about “Making America Great Again?”


Michigan Sports Teams


In 1817, the University of Michigan opened its doors. Most people don’t know it, but the university was established before the territory even became a state. The University of Michigan motto was Artes, Scientia and Veritas.


All of these Michigan graduates allowed for the local community to become an industrial center. Grand Rapids, Michigan became known as “Furniture City.” This is where Dick Devos grew up.


He understood that anything was possible. His family built a tremendous set of businesses in Michigan. They had everything they needed to be successful.


President Gerald Ford played football on one of the Michigan national championship teams. He has the local Grand Rapids international airport named after him. Pilot Dick Devos has started up a charter school for future pilots at this self-same airport.


Winning in Business


Student athletes learn how to win on sports fields or courts when they go to the University of Michigan. Its college football team is #1 in victories, setting the standard for the entire nation. Its Michigan versus Ohio State game is deemed to be the best college football rivalry, by some.


But, the basketball program is not far behind. Did you know that the Michigan basketball team is 7-0 in Final Four games before the championship? They won the 1989 college basketball championship and are also well-known for the Fab 5, including Chris Webber and Juwan Howard.


Businessman Dick Devos understands the culture of success that has been created in Michigan. Dick Devos ran for governor and has been given an appointment to the federal civilian panel overseeing the FAA. His pilot’s license has given him the “license to dream of a better day for the country.”


If Michigan can win the national championship, why can’t America be great again? The 1989 championship team might cause people to remember the 1980s. Some think of this as America’s heyday. People were confident and jobs were plentiful.


Now, the hope is to return the US to those salad days. If Michigan wins the national championship in basketball, many would celebrate. Some might remember when the NBA Detroit Pistons were champs – also in the 1980s.


Reaching the Pinnacle of Success


Great college basketball teams need great coaches, just like government departments need great managers. Dick Devos brings his commitment to success to the national government. He hopes to help the airline industry continue to grow and shake off the doldrums.


Michigan plays for the college basketball championship in 2018. All that one needs is a chance. Pilot Dick Devos has a great chance to lift the nation higher. Can he deliver a game winning shot?


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The Inspiratin Behind Betsy DeVos’s Philanthropic Passion for Education

Elisabeth “Betsy” DeVos is best known as being the 11th and current United States Secretary of Education. While the title may be a very prominent one, her path to reforming the education system in this country began a long time ago. It also began out of a true passion and calling to make the types of changes in education she feels are incredibly vital for this country to continue churning out well educated leaders.


Her path to becoming one of the United States’ top education reform experts began when she was a young woman at Calvin College. It was there that she first became interested in politics. That interest quickly grew into a passion and she has never lost it since then. Throughout college she worked for reform for various platforms and causes, while in her heart she knew education reform would always be her passion. She decided to pursue that wholeheartedly after college.


In the heartline of what she is looking to accomplish, is the realization that traditional public schools just are not working. Unfortunately, that is especially true when it comes to public schools that are supposed to serve areas that consist of low income families. Betsy first became aware of this when her own children were becoming school aged and she and her husband were looking at schools in the area where her children would receive the most benefit.


The couple visited a particular school, Potter’s House Christian School. This school served low income families in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area and although the school and faculty were doing their absolute best to serve those families, the resources were just not available to deal with the specific issues the children attending the school faced. During their visits to the school, Betsy and her husband met families that were simply focused on how they would put food on the table or keep their children safe, rather than the quality of education. Due to zoning, they had no real choice as to where they would send their children.


She realized that she and her family were so incredibly fortunate to have the choice to send their children to any school they desired. This was one of the incidents that spurred Betsy DeVos to want to do more for the entire country’s educational system than just her own local area. She and her husband began sponsoring children to attend Potter’s School on scholarship. Each year, the couple continued to do more and more. They sponsored multiple children, granted funds for supplies and upgrades. Potter’s School truly touched their hearts and although it inspired Betsy’s political career to great heights, the couple still remains actively involved with Potter’s School to this day.


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