Steve Ritchie: Papa John’s Increasing Chances For Minority Ownership

For many people, the American dream consists of being their own boss. While some start a business of their own, others purchase a franchise of what is already a proven business. In the case of Papa John’s Pizza, CEO Steve Ritchie has set forth to create many opportunities for new franchisees, with many of them coming from minority groups that may previously have had fewer opportunities to be their own boss.

As the company has addressed issues of inclusion and diversity within its corporate structure, Steve Ritchie has laid out an ambitious plan to solve any problems within this area. One is the development of a minority-owned franchise program, which will be aimed at those employees within the company who wish to take the next step and become franchise owners. By allowing those who already believe in Papa John’s Pizza the chance to live out their dreams of business ownership, Steve Ritchie feels the company can become stronger, while also gaining a greater understanding of the various issues minorities often face in career advancement.

Along with helping many people become business owners, Papa John’s will also create a foundation aimed specifically at investing in local communities where its restaurants are located. In doing so, Steve Ritchie expects to see Papa John’s employees who live and work in these communities taking the initiative to solve a variety of problems. In addition, the community projects will allow for people from all backgrounds to come together and work side-by-side to solve problems, get to know one another, and discuss the issues that are most important to them.

And when it comes to discussions, Steve Ritchie has decided to take this to the next level. To help he and other company executives gain a better understanding of the role diversity plays in the corporate arena, Papa John’s executives will travel to Detroit, Dallas, Chicago, and other major U.S. cities to meet one-on-one with franchise owners, customers, employees, and community leaders. By taking this step, Steve Ritchie will not only spread his message of inclusion, but also demonstrate a willingness to help those in need.