How High Can Gold Go? Ask US Money Reserve Representatives

Gold has been given the AU chemical symbol, for the Latin word for gold – “aurum.” But it might as well stand for “authentic.” When you have gold, you have the real deal.


Since the beginning of 2017, the gold price has been skyrocketing. This precious metal is a good gauge of inflation; when inflation increases, the price goes higher. How high could gold go?


“Gold Recovers Like Bouncing Ball”


During the 2008 crisis, the gold price was one of the assets, which fluctuated greatly. During tough times, investors purchase more gold to protect their wealth. This also happened in 2016 during Brexit.


US Money Reserve gold coins and bars are a nice way to add some security to your wealth portfolio. They come in many different sizes, allowing the average citizen the opportunity to acquire a valuable resource, just like the wealthy.

Now, for the first two months of 2017, gold has increased by +8%. Already, some experts are saying that the real gold price is much higher. If you want to check the gold price every day, just check out the new and improved US Money Reserve website. It has a gold spot price ticker along the top.


“Gold Bars in Central Bank Vaults”


Throughout history, there has always been a gold market. Jewelers and dentists have always needed the precious metal. The central banks still hold large amounts of gold bars in their central vaults. When an international transaction must take place, gold is used.


In many ways, there is no real price ceiling for gold. You can rest assured that the Zimbabwe citizens were purchasing gold during their days of hyperinflation. Central banks continue to purchase gold as a sign of their wealth.


At the US Money Reserve, you can ask questions about which gold products are best for your circumstances. A Live Chat box will pop up when you visit. “How high can gold go?” Only time will tell.