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New Jersey falls among the densely populated areas in the United States. The surging real estate market crisis is, therefore, a major issue of concern that would at one point or another threaten the city’s rebound from housing. Statistically, New Jersey has been in the lead in having outstanding shares and rates in terms of residential mortgages that are extremely delinquent. In this light, it is clear that the City’s real estate market is significantly trailing the country. Fortunately, economic reports state that New Jersey is at the helm of real estate renaissance.

Among the reasons for the threatening real estate issue in New Jersey is the fact that as much as the properties’ prices are expected to rise, then the households expect even better-selling conditions. Beyond these sentiments of house shortages and purchases, the reality of a higher chance of the availability of vacant houses and homes cannot be evaded. These homes are shielded away from the market with the homeowners hoping for increased gains over time. As much as the dent cannot be ignored in New Jersey, some of its towns still harbor high housing demands. They are stepping a notch higher to suitably meet the market’s demand, gearing up for game-changing opportunities.

About Boraie Development

Boraie development is focused on the provision of an array of services in relation to Property Management, Real Estate Development inclusive of Sales and marketing. The company has a strong team that is committed to building spectacular properties and equally providing unparalleled customer service. Their main anchor over the years of operation has been associating their projects with equivalently strong financial institutions and architects. In place are high tech contractors who are well informed about the importance of beating deadlines and ensuring that all projects are successfully completed in good time. For more details visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

Boraie Development has dedicated its vision to implement worthwhile actions that incorporate their capital and reliability in every project they lay hands on. They have an outstanding 30 years record in development, securing it a rank among New Jersey’s most sought out developers. The company uses private capital sources to their advantage some of which include large commercial banks. Through this technique, they are sure of complete funding of their projects as much as their own capital counting all the same. Their projects are meant to attract individuals from all walks of life be it tenants, financial partners, and residents who are served with a long-term ownership commitment. Through the apt management of developments, all assets created are of additional value and an improvement of what they had previously.

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Roberto Santiago Brings Tourists Something Special

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian investor that has put a lot of time and energy into building successful shopping centers in Brazil. He has been able to create fun experiences for millions of Brazilian natives and tourists that have been in search of the ultimate shopping experience. Roberto Santiago has made good on investments in Brazil by bringing entertainment and shopping in two one area that people can utilize for everything that they may have a need for.

People that are shopping for clothes, electronics, toys and shoes will have access to a wide number of stores with the Manaira Mall. Roberto Santiago has cleared the path for an excellent shopping experience because he has taken his vision to a wide audience. People cannot help but to be amazed by what Roberto Santiago has created as they visit the mega mall that has more than enough activities to occupy consumers for an entire day. There are bowling alleys for those that would like to throw a ball down a lane while they interact and converse with friends. There are also bar areas in lounges for people that will like to have a couple of drinks with friends while they have conversations over delicious food. There’s also an amusement park for families that want to give their children something that they can remember from their shopping experience. Read more articles on

Roberto Santiago has really taken his vision of the ultimate shopping experience and made this come to life with the mall he created. It was a bit of a stretch when one considers that the average mall is typically made up of shopping stores and nothing more. Some of these malls have a food court, but there is nothing as extravagant as the mall that Roberto Santiago has created. He has done what many people may have never dreamed of doing by creating tons of places to eat and shop along with bowling alleys and movie theaters. Tourists of Brazil that get a chance to visit this mega mall that Santiago has developed are in for a real treat. It is something that consumers are definitely going to want to tell their friends about. There are mega malls in America, but there are few that have the type of shops that are found in Brazil.

When it comes to creating successful real estate Investments sometimes it is just going to be important to think outside of the box. Many investors are stuck on traditional real estate Investments, but it makes a lot more sense to do something innovative and new in order to gain attention of potential customers. This is what Roberto Santiago decided to do. He wanted to make sure that he was creating something that was unique to the landscape that already exists in Brazil. He wanted to create a shopping center that would change the way that people looked at the entire shopping experience. He has done a great job of accomplishing this by blending entertainment, exercise, eating and shopping together.


2015 the Busiest Year for the Housing Market in Ohio

The housing market in Ohio had its busiest year since 2005 in 2015. A report from Ohio Association of Realtors indicated that home purchases in the state reached 151,600. According to, it represented a 7.5 percent rise from 2015. Pete Kopf, a Cincinnati area realtor, said that it was a remarkable year considering that they experienced record gains in average prices and sales. The average home purchases price was $159,531, an increase of 4.8 percent from 2015.

The National Association of Realtors focuses on sales of existing homes, and in January 2017 they released a report saying that supply shortages and price growth were the main issues in the housing sector. Lawrence Yun, a chief economist, said that low mortgage rates and solid job creation in 2016 were the main reasons for the good performance in the housing industry.

One of Ohio’s real agents is Tammy Mazzocco. She began her career working as a secretary in a commercial real estate firm known as The Edwards Realty. Tammy Mazzocco then spent the next seven years at Scotland Yard’s Condominiums and at the suggestion of the general manager of Scotland Yard she became a licensed real estate agent in 1995. After leaving Scotland Yard, Tammy worked with T&R Properties as a multi site property manager. In 2000, she became a member of Judy Gang & Associates, in Pickerington, Ohio. See,

She starts her day with some exercise and meditation, then focuses on the most important tasks before checking the emails.  Tammy Mazzocco likes working directly with customers. She says after making an appointment, it has always been easier to make sales when dealing with the client face-to-face. She advises that entrepreneurs should not focus on profit but on giving the best possible service to the customer.

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