Damien Granderson Representing Musicians


Damien Granderson is a criminal defense attorney specializing in white-collar crime and entertainment law. He has been an entertainment attorney for over twenty-five years, representing clients from all walks of the entertainment industry. He represents actors, directors, producers, music artists, songwriters, and companies like World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., Mötley Crüe Inc., Odd Future Inc., and LMichaeld Media LLC.


In this blog post today, we will catch up with Damien Granderson to find out what he does on a day-to-day basis and what to expect when you hire him as your lawyer. The Entertainment Lawyer Answered: What kind of law do you practice? And how would that be different from a “regular lawyer”? Want to know the best way to get Damien Granderson on your side when you need a lawyer? 


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First up on the docket: why is he such a great lawyer for entertainment clients? As he will tell us below, his day-to-day work goes beyond representing musicians and extends to entertainment law clients. Damien Granderson Answered: What is your daily schedule like? How does it compare to the typical lawyer’s workday?

What qualifies Damien Granderson as a top entertainment lawyer for the industry? The main reason is his ability to be available at a moment’s notice for his clients. In addition, he works one-on-one with each client, creating a customized plan for them based upon their specific needs. Those are some of the reasons Damien Granderson has been so successful as an attorney. 


Answered: What do you spend most of your time doing/working on in a day?

This blog post wouldn’t be complete without us talking about past clients and what they had to say about the reknown attorneys legal services. One client gives us a good example of how Damien Granderson differs from other lawyers.

The bottom line is this: Damien Granderson stands by his word and handles each and every situation with honesty, integrity, and dedication.