Fabletics Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Unlike many companies that are getting hurt by show rooming, Fabletics has reversed it. Instead of heaving shoppers browse items only to buy them elsewhere at a discounted prices, Fabletics already offers exactly what the customer wants, and that is great fashion at an affordable price. Fabletics also offers personalized shopping and convenience. Fabletics has also chosen to really get to know their customers rather than expand quickly which is the norm these days. Most of their customers that ship their retail stores are already members and another 25 percent will decide to join Fabletics membership. Customers can decide to purchase their items in-store or online, and they will all count towards their membership purchases.


Fabletics has new members fill out a Lifestyle Quiz when they decide to get the membership. This quiz not only helps Fabletics to know what the customer wants but the customer also gets a very personalized shopping experience that matches the best picks for them and saves them from having to search through pages of clothing to find what they like or want.


When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg were looking for an advocate for their company, they thought of Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson is a good fit because she is very passionate about Fabletics and she actually uses her product. She also leads a very active lifestyle which goes with the athleisure brand perfectly.


Fabletics came to be because there were no “fun” athleisure choices on the market and the options that were available were extremely expensive. Fabletics offers great styles bit for a price that most people can afford and are willing to pay. Fabletics has also changed the notion that price defines quality. At Fabletics, you can get great clothing that is well-made and at a great price. Fabletics is not just about great athleisure wear, but it promotes healthy living and encourages everyone to feel good about themselves and the body that they have.


Although Hudson doesn’t have a business degree, she has a knack for fashion, and she stays involved in the company. She oversees the budget, what is selling, and what’s not, and adjusts her collections to give customers what they want. Hudson does not plan on ending her career as an actress, but instead, she will continue to do that as she promotes Fabletics. The company continues to get new members and retain the loyal customers that they have.