Fortune’s 40 under 40 Tom Keane Microsoft

Microsoft cloud lieutenant, software developer and engineer Tom Keane helped Microsoft expand into cloud computing. He had had a long and successful career at Microsoft, which started when he joined the company in 1983. His role is not to be underestimated, as his influence extends far beyond just technology. He was appointed Cloud Services to lead the company in February of 2013.


He oversees all the company’s cloud computing services globally.  He was appointed to the position at the end of 2014, as his role became more defined. He presides over a team of 200 responsible for strengthening Microsoft’s cloud strategy and extending it into new markets. Tom Keane´s roles include being a director in Bing, managing Microsoft’s data center business, heading Microsoft’s corporate development team, and overseeing deployment work in Windows Server 2008.


  1. Microsoft’s Tom Keane – An Award-Winning Executive


The software engineer was awarded the prestigious Outstanding Leadership Award in March of 2015 for his work on Microsoft’s cloud computing business. Tom Keane was also named in Fortune’s 40 under 40 list, an annual ranking of the most promising young leaders in the industry.


  1. Technical Credentials: Cloud Computing Product Expertise


Tom Keane’s technical expertise and exposure to cloud computing in several different roles have helped make it a core business area for the company. He has been an early advocate for cloud software, and it is interesting to note that he played a role in Microsoft’s efforts to expand into cloud computing as far back as 2008. The awards and recognition Tom Keane has received in his career have been well deserved, as he is recognized as an influential high-tech industry leader. His role at Microsoft has allowed him to help shape how the company approaches cloud computing.