Miki Agrawal: How to Build a MULTI-Million Enterprise from Zero?

Mindvalley, one of the world’s best personal development and growth platforms;is starting a new chapter by training entrepreneurs and joining hands with renowned entrepreneur Miki Agrawal on its new pursuit; how to start up your business from zero to $100 million.


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Mike Agrawal, businesses have a networth value of $200 million. His reputation is built from his success in business, breaking marketing barriers, and maintaining his socially conscious-rooted label.

Mindvalley’s Founder, Vishen, has endorsed him to establish a comprehensive program to help its member know how to build a brand step-by-step from the idea to implementation and beyond by networking with Miki Agrawal, a veteran in the business.

The program was started at the right time; the United States has noticed an increase in developing business more than ever before according to data by the United States Census Bureau; newly formed enterprises were up to 96.3percent year-over-year in 2020 and have constantly increased over up to 2021.

According to Vinshen Originator of Mindvalley, however, the country had been experiencing great loss, sadness, and challenges as a result of the pandemic; it has also brought up an increase in small and medium enterprises because of an increase in unique opportunities for entrepreneurs with a desire to start up their own business. Vishen also stated that the vision of the program developed in a way that will ensure the world will benefit.

Mindvalley is formed to transform the lives of people all over the world. It will bring the best and most successful entrepreneurs like Miki Agrawal to teach aspiring entrepreneurs to be like him. The program will help a business move from zero to $100 million using the free masterclass course; this will be enhanced by Agrawal’s unique ideas on creating a multi-million dollar business.