Mirabaud's Commitment to Modern Art

Mirabaud Group not only has an active commitment to contemporary art, but it also supports the community around it. This group has an extensive collection of art; it has been a loyal supporter of the Quartier and Nuit des Bains, the Zurich Art Weekend, FIAC Hors les Murs, and the MAMCO museum since its creation. Considering the co-values of this group, a pioneer of responsible and sustainable finance, this institution supports today’s artists as well as events and institutions that can help them bring art to a broader audience.

Mirabaud’s commitments reflect the significance of artistic creations across our societies. These creations are unique endeavors that enable us to move from our comfort zones and beyond our challenges, questioning ourselves and seeing things from a new perspective. Supporting contemporary art means sustaining the most significant ideas and the artists that develop those ideas. For over 200 years, this group has been keen on its co-values. It reflects the place of art in the world and stands with innovators.

Lawrence Weiner says Mirabaud is working to ensure their art collection is accessible to many individuals. That is why they have uploaded the complete catalog of the exhibition on their website. This is also a better way of making their doors wider. Weiner claims that their organization routinely lends its works to institutions that request them, allowing for more excellent public viewing and discovery.

Mirabaud’s commitment extends to the incorporation of art into urban space. This group has had dialogues with urban town planning, creation, and architecture institutions, therefore contributing to the livening of cities while giving them ideas on how to develop urban space. This institution’s living collection also unites its clients and colleagues, who share the unique experience of viewing the art. The collection is found on all the premises of this group. Click here for more information.


Additional information about this company on: https://www.abps.ch/en/members/mirabaud-cie-sa/