OSI Industries: History and the impact of the McDonald’s

OSI Industries is a leader in the food production business. The company has a larger presence around the globe than any other company. Currently, the company has established business in 17 countries. In addition, it has made sure that the production operations are going on well by building 65 production plants in different locations around the world. The company has a huge impact on the society in various ways. First of all, it has contributed over 20,000 job opportunities. This goes to show that the company is contributing largely to the development of the foods industry as well as the economic status of the people. OSI industries mainly deal with the production of protein-foods which are sold via large chain stores.

The history

You cannot understand why this company has made headlines for a long time without looking at the history. It is one of the oldest companies in the country with a history that goes back to 1909. The founder of this company was a German immigrant living in Chicago, who built a butcher shop with the aim of supplying the local market. Little did he know that he has created a business that would one century later be worth over $6 billion and one of the largest in the United States. The founder of the butcher shop was known as Otto Kolschowsky. He later brought his two sons- Harry and Arthur- to create a business which he named Otto & Sons.

The entry of McDonald’s

It is hard to explain the origin of OSI Industries without touching on the origin of McDonald’s and how the two businesses interacted. Otto & Sons was a wholesale meat business in Chicago when McDonald’s opened the first restaurant in the area. They needed to be supplied with meat products. Otto & Sons leveraged on the friendship that the Sons had formed with the managing director of the McDonald’s at the time- later he became the owner of the restaurants. Otto & Sons were given a deal to be supplying beef products. This deal marked the start of a new journey for Otto & Sons. It is through the expansion of the business that Otto & Sons transformed to OSI Industries and even new faces joining the management.

OSI Industries followed in the path set by the McDonald’s. In two decades, both businesses had ventured into the international market. Since then, the company has been growing its influence from one country to another.