JHSF Participações President José Auriemo

The JHSF Participações is a Brazil company founded in 1972 by Fábio and José Roberto Auriemo, the father and uncle of José Auriemo. JHSF focuses on the development of real estate commercial and residential properties in Brazil and globally. Additionally, through its chief executive and president, José Auriemo, it has expanded into shopping malls and airport developments. Auriemo’s knowledge into business operations taking a course at FASE and an Engineering degree from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) in Sao Paulo makes his services at the company outstanding.

Since Auriemo’s start at the company in 1993, he managed to work his way up the company managing a parking lot management company Parkbem, established in 1997. In 1998 he developed the groups’ first destination, overseeing “Shopping Santa Cruz” mall project. Auriemo took two mandates in 2003 to 2005 serving as an Executive Officer and a member of YPO which he joined in 1999. In December 2006 he served as a Director of JHSF company while in 2007 founding two companies B-Store which started in late 2006 and Cidade Jardim.

José Auriemo also received recognition from the “The business of Fashion” editors after an extensive data analysis and research as positively impacting the fashion industry through his contributions and companies. Named among the few entrepreneurs shaping the $2.4 trillion fashion industry by the BoF 500. In 2009, Auriemo oversaw the Cidade Jardim JHSF shopping complex including “São Paulo’s Cidade Jardim” retail shopping centres. Others include Manaus’ Ponta Negra shopping centre, the Metrô Tucuruvi and Salvador’s Bela Vista shopping complex.

In 2012, José Auriemo diversified into exotic stores getting into partnership with Valentino luxury brands like Red Valentine and Valentino stores. He also entered into agreements with Hermes Pucci and Jimmy Choo, dealing with other luxury brands. Auriemo also headed JHSF’s finance and business departments in theJHSF hotels: including acting as Investors’ Relations Officer in 2015’s bad market conditions in luxury products in Brazi. Auriemo’s ability to maintain JHSF’s steady gross profit growth of 16.1 in 2016 and 2.3 per cent in 2017 first-quarter saw the company expanding into the United States and Uruguay.

Ryan Seacrest: The Jack of all trades

ABC aired the famously known musical series program American Idol with Ryan Seacrest as the host. It is not his first rodeo. Ryan has a world-class reputation and not only being an award-winning personality, but he also is a host in radio and television channel. American Idol was formerly hosted by Fox. Ryan Seacrest said the program version would be different.

His debut into American Idol in 2002 together with his co-host Brian Dunkleman made the show popular until when he was the solo host with a big number of viewers. This even led him into signing lucrative deals making him the highest paid television host in 2009. He received the Emmy Award nominations from 2004 all the way through to 2013 as well as 2016 because of the show. It was a clear indication of how amazing he was at his job.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation is a non-profit organization and founded by the one, and only Ryan Seacrest is set purposefully for youth inspiration. The organization is aimed at the implementation of entertainment and education programs and initiatives.

The foundation has various missions and visions. The priority objective is to ensure that there are available broadcast institutions referred to as Seacrest Studios. An amazing fact about this media centers is that they will be situated in Pediatric hospitals to enable the patients to engage in the creative sphere and diversify in their talents in television and media widely. Their underlying principle is to actively help the local media students from nearby locations to have a hands-on approach to media, journalism, and broadcasting hence increasing their scope of experience beyond what is taught I schools and class.

The foundation does not stop there; the Foundation also supports the patients and allows them to explore their talents as well as inducing an environment of positivity regardless of being sick as they undergo treatment.

Clearly, Ryan remains to be a great influencer in the Hollywood industry and his ability to be a creative entrepreneur has put him in the roadmap to success.

Manage Your Cash flows with Fortress Investment Group

It is always in wisdom to look for viable business opportunities, study the market trends, and have a number of factors in place. Well, this ordinarily is easier said than done. In reality, it is very hard to achieve all these despite the fact that they are very integral. Fortress Investment Group (FIG) offers these and a host of other services helping your professionally manage your business.

Fortress Investment Group is an investment manager. This a powerhouse that has sufficiently managed a portfolio of assets from liquid markets investments to real estate and many others. Management is in all spheres from financing, production, and sale. It is also instrumental in drawing a roadmap for other firms in order to maximize their potential and increase their value altogether. It uses very innovative and timely tools for operations management.

In addition, Fortress Investment Group also fosters corporate to corporate relationships and partnerships. It’s a manager that has overseen many mergers and acquisitions take place with both party bargaining for a fair share amicably. In the same vein, FIG has admirable expertise and information on capital markets. This is an area in any economy investor are utterly short of knowledge about how operations are carried out. This group offers these services and will guide you on the various options in the stock markets.

Last but not the least, FIG acts a general manager of all business operations. It has qualified professionals working under it, sourced from the best in the industry. They will help you grow, expand and develop your business as their scope is global. Learn more about Fortress Investment Group at vault.com

About Fortress Investment Group.

This is a financial institution based in New York. It was founded in 1998 by Randal Nardone and Wes Edens who are active in the leadership and co-founder Rob Kauffman who has since left the venture. It has managed many corporate, group and private investors to develop working strategies for their businesses.

Apparently, Fortress Investment Group is valued at US$ 42.1 billion. This institution did issue its initial public offering in 1999 and has since then been trading at the Stock’s Exchange. It boasts of professionals who are experienced in private equity, liquid markets, and traditional asset management.

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Why Jennifer Walden is Successful

Modern women are getting to top positions in the corporate world every other day. In the traditional times, things were so different. Most of them could not have access to formal education, and they were only allowed to stay at home and take care of their growing families. When parents started to realize that their daughters can be successful and impact the society, they started to educate them. This led to the emergence of very influential and powerful women in the community. Some have even engaged in careers that were dominated by men in the past. One of the few women in the successful ladder is Jennifer Walden. The Texas based career woman serves as a plastic surgeon. Her skill in medicine is what has made her an internationally respected professional. Women are always happy when going to see her in her clinic because they know that they are going to be handled by an experienced professional who is way better than many male surgeons in the community.

Plastic surgery is a department that is very sensitive. The medical professionals who are doing well in this area have to realize the benefits of taking care of the patient’s needs, keeping in mind their culture, genes, race, and ethnicity. Many patients are very comfortable when going to her because they will receive the best services. Jennifer Walden has helped many patients by conducting surgeries on their genitals, breasts, face, and nose. Those who have gone for the services of the surgeon have regained their confidence in life, and they have the confidence anyone would need to conquer the world. There are so many surgeons based in the United States. However, none of them can compete with the high quality services that have been given by the experienced professional. Her career life has never affected her role as a mother and entrepreneur.

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History of Hyland’s Baby, Teething Tablets, and Oral Pain Relief

Hyland’s Homeopathic Baby Oral Pain Relief tablets are improved new formulas which help to relieve various problems in teething, paining gums and irrational pain. Hyland’s company is the manufacturer of these tablets and many other products which have gained trust from mothers everywhere. It has been operative for over a century with the consistent win in the market as they use natural ingredients producing high-quality products. The company is recognized as the number one natural OTC brand, and it’s purely dedicated to supporting the health wellness of the families.


All products produced are tested in the labs to ensure that they reach the highest standard for use making them safe and gentle. The company offers educational programs and empowers mothers with health knowledge in the community. Hyland’s is a family-owned company and its built for families as it is dedicated to giving support and nurturing of all families in every stage of life.


Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets.

These are pain relievers meant for babies associated with teething problems, oral pain, swollen gums and related complications. The tablets are made with perfect natural ingredients which work perfectly to your child while in the teething process and have no any reported side effects. According to research children at tender age use their mouth as a way of learning and understanding the world hence the teething process is vital. At Hyland’s we care about mothers that’s why we brought these tablets to make teething possible, and children have a smooth progressive growth.


Either these products can be purchased locally in Pharmaceutical outlet licensed to sell Hyland’s products, or you can make an order online from legitimate sellers. The directions to administer these tablets depends on the age of your child hence we recommend you to consult before you begin to apply. Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief tablets are soft and therefore dissolves quickly in the mouth making them efficient for use. Mothers should give their children a smooth teething experience free from discomforts using Hyland’s tablets.

In a case for a query on usage or emergency, Hyland’s offices remain operative all days, and the team is always ready to respond within the shortest time possible.

OSI Group McDonalds was Originally a Family-Owned Organization

OSI Group McDonalds was originally a family-owned organization that opened its doors in 1909. Otto Kolschowsky came to the United States and built his company from the ground up. He began with a meat market that serviced its community in the local Chicago area. Over the years the company performed various services within the food industry. It became known as Otto and Sons in 1928 and opened a second operating facility in the Maywood suburb of Chicago. Otto and Sons prided itself on being a prominent member of its local community.

Otto and Sons entered into a partnership with the McDonald’s Corporation in 1955. Ray Kroc was the leader of McDonald’s and was moving his enterprise in to the Illinois region. He needed a meat supplier he could trust to provide him with the type of service that he needed. Kroc chose Otto and Sons for this task. At this time Otto and Sons was being led by Arthur and Harry, the sons of Otto Kolschowsky. McDonald’s would go on to reach international success and maintain a relationship with Otto and Sons as its premier partner.

The success of McDonald’s directly affected the amazing growth of Otto and Sons over the years. The once family-owned organization was now working with a worldwide enterprise and supplying them with its key product, hamburgers. Otto and Sons introduced brand new technology in order to maintain its efforts in supporting McDonald’s. They introduced cryogenic freezing chambers and the meat patty cutting machine. Each of these devices revolutionized the food manufacturing industry.

Otto and Sons became known as OSI Group McDonalds in 1975. It represented seven decades of success at this point. The company started to make international moves as its founders were settling into retirement. Leaders at OSI Group McDonalds decided to bring in Sheldon Lavin to guide the organization to its eminent future.

OSI Group McDonalds built a new processing plant in order to support the needs of the McDonald’s Corporation. Their expansion efforts continued throughout North America including West Jordan, Utah. International facilities soon followed in Brazil, Hungary, Poland, Mexico and the Pacific Rim.

Forbes Magazine listed OSI Group McDonalds as one of the largest privately-owned organizations in the country. It held the rank of 58th in 2016. Leaders that OSI are dedicated to growth. They believe that constant expansion of the organization opens up opportunities for its employees as well as a diverse product base for clients.

Freedom Checks Are they really Beneficial or Just a Scam?

There are many people who have been recently asking about how to earn Freedom Checks in the United States. If you are intrigued as well and want to know more about how to increase your investments and income then following the investment strategy proposed by Matt Badiali is a good idea. The investment solution provided by Matt Badiali through his newsletters is experience based and supported by years of research. Matt Badiali has ensured that the investors are able to earn generously through his investment advice in the newsletters published by Banyan Hill Publishing. There are currently two newsletters that he edits, which are Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits.

Apart from picking the right MLP companies that you can invest in to earn freedom checks, it also provides a good idea on the many new investment products that entered the market recently. Also, if there are any negative investment products in the market that might not be suitable for you, there are hints about it given in the newsletter. The primary aim of Matt Badiali behind sharing his expertise with the world through his newsletter is that he wants to the main street Americans to be financially secure and achieve financial freedom through smart investments. As many people are unable to achieve financial goals due to the lack of financial knowledge or guidance, Matt Badiali works with the Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor to help reach out to as many people as possible and provide them the guidance necessary to invest smartly and wisely.

Freedom Checks have gone through huge controversy as people thought that companies were giving away Freedom Checks for free. But, the truth is that it is the return that people earn by investing in the MLP companies. Thus, it is not a scam but a legit investment opportunity that many people do not know about. Matt Badiali feels that by answering the questions about Freedom Checks, more people will earn huge profits from it by investing in the right manner. He wants people to understand the right way of investing rather than trust everything that the media posts.

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Jose Auriemo Neto Recognized as One of the Most Influential People in the Fashion Industry

“Business of Fashion” compiles a list of prominent people in the fashion industry who have changed the face of the industry across the world every year. The BoF 500’s latest edition (2018) has featured many prominent people including Jose Auriemo Neto, a famous businessman and CEO of JHSF based in Brazil.

Jose Auriemo Neto is a leader in the real estate industry, a lucrative industry in Brazil. His investments ranges from residential as well as commercial markets acquisitions, development and management of shopping centers, upscale hotels to international executive airport. The renowned businessman was also recognized in New York recently with a gala dinner organized by the English publication.

Jose Auriemo Neto holds a degree from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University located in Sao Paulo. He started building his career in JHSF, his family real estate business, in 1993, and grew with it tremendously until he was appointed its Chief Executive Officer. He demonstrated good leadership skills as he traveled to Japan and other parts of the world to represent the company and in 1997, he started Parkbem, a company that deals with parking lot management.

The JHSF executive oversaw the company’s extensive shopping as well as retail portfolio administration in partnership with the Cidade Jardim, a leading shopping complex located in Sao Paulo. The JHSF’s shopping and retail portfolio also includes Bela Vista located in Salvador, the Metro Tucuruvi as well as the Ponta Negra shopping complex located in Manaus. Jose Auriemo Neto impacted the fashion industry through these endeavors in JHSF.

The Cidade Jardim shopping complex prides itself of prominent brands including Hermes, Brunello Cuccinelli, Rene Caovilla, Valentino, Pucci among others. The recognition came in at time when Auriemo had indulged fully into changing the world of fashion. According to the Jose Auriemo Neto’s biography, the accomplished entrepreneur leads one of the largest real estate companies in Brazil. Moreover, he presented Jimmy Choo and Hermes to Brazil.

Aside from the businessman’s career achievements, Auriemo is a father to two children and a husband to Mariana Landmann Aurieno and despite his tight schedule, he spends enough time with his beautiful family. Additionally, he plays golf on days off.

Shervin Pishevar: The Demise Of U.S. Technology

As a country that has led the way in innovative technology, the United States has had little competition when it comes to maintaining its place as the world leader. However, according to Shervin Pishevar, the demise of U.S. technology has already begun. In a series of recent tweets, Shervin Pishevar talks about how Silicon Valley and other aspects of U.S. technology are on the decline.

According to Shervin Pishevar, the demise of Silicon Valley has been coming for quite some time. Seeing companies in this region as ones that have become too complacent over the years, he believes the time has finally arrived when foreign competition will overtake Silicon Valley companies as the leaders in new and innovative technology. As he sees the situation, China and many African nations have invested heavily in training, research and development, and other key areas, giving them a key edge over Silicon Valley. To regain its place as the world leader, Shervin Pishevar believes Silicon Valley companies will need to dedicate themselves once again to numerous research and development projects, as well as placing a greater emphasis on employee training and also doing what it takes to retain the most talented individuals within their companies.

Along with his concerns about Silicon Valley and the state of U.S. technology as a whole, Shervin Pishevar also expressed many views concerning the national and international economy. For example, during the course of his 21-hour tweet storm, he stunned many by predicting the U.S. stock market could plunge by as much as 6,000 points over the next several months. According to Shervin Pishevar, this will happen due to a bond market that has become much too active and volatile, putting investors at risk of losing millions in the stock market. To avoid taking huge losses from stocks, he recommends taking money out of stocks and investing instead in precious metals such as gold, which is always deemed as a safe investment during tough economic times.

In the days and weeks to come, it will be fascinating to see if any of his predictions do indeed come to pass.



What Does Betsy DeVos Have Planned For Education?

Betsy DeVos was nominated by President Trump in order to serve as the Secretary of Education for the United States of America. After a contentious and difficult confirmation hearing, of which there have since been many, Betsy DeVos was confirmed and able to take her position as the head of the Department of Education. After being nominated for the position, Betsy DeVos has been under constant fire from the media and members of both the right and left sides of the political aisle. The reason? Betsy DeVos is a reformer and her goal is to enact change on American politics and she is going to start by championing school choice.


School choice is a topic that likely wouldn’t even be talked about had it not been for the hard work that Betsy DeVos has been doing over the past thirty or so years. School choice is, in essence, a concept that pushes parents to enroll their children into the educational facilities that suit them the most. Rather than simply pushing child after child into the public school system, Betsy DeVos believes that the government should help fund alternative educational paths. Facilities like charter schools and religious schools should receive more support under a school choice friendly government. Why does Betsy DeVos believe in this concept so much?


Well, the idea of educational choice arose from Milton Friedman’s paper titled, ‘The Role Of Government In Education’. 50 years after Friedman wrote that paper, the first private-school voucher facility opened its doors in Milwaukee, WI. Since then, 17 states have adopted privately funded, publicly available school choice facilities. More than 250,000 students have since enrolled into this special educational choice programs. Betsy DeVos has seen the effect and impact that educational choice can have on children as Michigan is one of the most prominent states in support of the concept.


Despite the clear success and impact that school choice is having on children, Betsy DeVos knows that she has an uphill battle to fight back in Washington D.C. DeVos has to square off against an increasingly partisan D.C. while also selling the concept to people all over America. Fortunately, conservatives are coalescing around this concept of education reform and that means that there is more momentum than ever. With President Trump and the Republican establishment at her back, Betsy DeVos should be able to push school choice further than it has ever been before.


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