Securus Technologies: Keeping Everybody in Prisons Safe

Started in 1986 in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies specializes in prison related electronics. The company has offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Carrolton and Allen, Texas. The number of people Securus directly employees is approximately a 1000 people and the company also has contracts with over 3600 prisons and correctional facilities throughout the US and Canada. As of last year, the company invested over $600 million in technology as well as in securing patents. Securus was created when two companies Evercom and T-Netix merged to become one company in 2004. After the merger, the company went on to acquire Syscon Justice Systems.

The Technology

Securus Technologies is involved in several areas of prison related technologies, but one of the main areas is on the communication side of things. In fact, it is the largest provider of facilities related communications in the US. Securus provides communications technologies for inmates, to emergency dispatchers and personnel, for investigative agencies, and personnel working in correctional facilities to name a few. Rather than resting on their laurels, the company is constantly striving to stay abreast of the most modern techniques and technologies available. In fact, the company always has at least 150 field service technicians ready to tackle any issues that may come up.

Securus is a pioneer in technology related to controlling contraband mobile phones. This year the company announced its new plan named the Wireless Containment Solution, which takes the anti-contraband cell phone solution to a whole new level. This technology is capable of not only sniffing out contraband cell phones but also keeping them from connecting to cell phone towers. Needless to say, this is a big leap forward because even if an inmate were to get a cell phone, it will be essentially useless. This is a prime example of Securus Technologies capability in pushing the envelope with all things communication. In fact, Securus spends nearly $19 million each year on research and development. The company is not only about stopping communication by prisoners, it is the largest provider of phone systems for inmates who need to call legally. Today, Securus is the only company that can provide full spectrum capability.



Oncology Through the Eyes of Mikhail Blagosklonny

At the mention of Oncology, it would be impossible to disregard Mikhail Blagosklonny. His immense contribution in the cancer sector is unrivaled. Mikhail is a Russian scientist who works in New York at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He earned his PhD in Cardiology and experimental medicine with from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. It came along with an M.D. in internal medicine from the same institution.

In 2002, Mr. Mikhail rose to the ranks of an associate professor of medicine at the New York Medical College. Fast forward, he got another position at the Ordway Research Institute in Albany. Here, Blagosklonny worked as a senior scientist for seven years. In 2009, he decided to expand his territories and joined Roswell Park Cancer Institute where he served as a professor of Oncology. His contributions to the medical sector have been immense and have proven quite useful. Some of them include:

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Mikhail is the editor in chief of Oncortarget and Cell Cycle. Apart from this, he is charged with the role of associate publisher of biology, cancer, and therapy. He also influentially sits in the Cell Death and Differentiation board. All these boards are charged with the role of undertaking clinical investigations and therapeutic studies. His contributions to these research have been visible as they include apoptosis, solid protection, oncogenesis, tumor suppressors, and drug resistance for healthy cells. Cell cycle, mitosis, and anticancer therapeutics also add to his long list.

Author of Aging Hyper Function Theory

Mikhail Blagosklonny is known for his extensive research on Biogerontology, defined as the mechanisms of aging. Blagosklonny wrote up a hypothesis propositioning use of Rapamycin. This was a popular drug used in the treatment of cancer. He believes that cancer has a cure and hence his extensive research.

Mikhail argues that aging is MTOR- driven and hence the cancer drug can slow developmental growth subsequently disrupting the entire aging process. He, however, cautions that this process could have fatal side effects if the necessary precautionary measures failed to be put into place. He is also known to have written about chemotherapy and cell cyclotherapy.

He is a strong believer that age can be controlled. He has authored three hundred book chapters, analysis, and research items, published with a wealth of information. In addition to all this, he has given up his life to be subjected to this aging theory. This, he says, is in an attempt to show the world that they should embrace this approach without fear, just precaution. Read more on

As a Dean

Mikhail has also significantly impacted the lives of his students. He is tasked with the duty of serving, monitoring and approving research projects by students. Besides, he also teaches Oncology students and helps them expand their singular interests. Apart from all this, Mikhail formulates and conducts new concepts in the Oncology sector. Precisely, Mikhail has risen through the ranks and notches to become a world-renowned professor of Oncology. His passion, dedication, and persistence are in no doubt admirable, and the lead contributing factors towards his success.

Roberto Santiago Brings Tourists Something Special

Roberto Santiago is a Brazilian investor that has put a lot of time and energy into building successful shopping centers in Brazil. He has been able to create fun experiences for millions of Brazilian natives and tourists that have been in search of the ultimate shopping experience. Roberto Santiago has made good on investments in Brazil by bringing entertainment and shopping in two one area that people can utilize for everything that they may have a need for.

People that are shopping for clothes, electronics, toys and shoes will have access to a wide number of stores with the Manaira Mall. Roberto Santiago has cleared the path for an excellent shopping experience because he has taken his vision to a wide audience. People cannot help but to be amazed by what Roberto Santiago has created as they visit the mega mall that has more than enough activities to occupy consumers for an entire day. There are bowling alleys for those that would like to throw a ball down a lane while they interact and converse with friends. There are also bar areas in lounges for people that will like to have a couple of drinks with friends while they have conversations over delicious food. There’s also an amusement park for families that want to give their children something that they can remember from their shopping experience. Read more articles on

Roberto Santiago has really taken his vision of the ultimate shopping experience and made this come to life with the mall he created. It was a bit of a stretch when one considers that the average mall is typically made up of shopping stores and nothing more. Some of these malls have a food court, but there is nothing as extravagant as the mall that Roberto Santiago has created. He has done what many people may have never dreamed of doing by creating tons of places to eat and shop along with bowling alleys and movie theaters. Tourists of Brazil that get a chance to visit this mega mall that Santiago has developed are in for a real treat. It is something that consumers are definitely going to want to tell their friends about. There are mega malls in America, but there are few that have the type of shops that are found in Brazil.

When it comes to creating successful real estate Investments sometimes it is just going to be important to think outside of the box. Many investors are stuck on traditional real estate Investments, but it makes a lot more sense to do something innovative and new in order to gain attention of potential customers. This is what Roberto Santiago decided to do. He wanted to make sure that he was creating something that was unique to the landscape that already exists in Brazil. He wanted to create a shopping center that would change the way that people looked at the entire shopping experience. He has done a great job of accomplishing this by blending entertainment, exercise, eating and shopping together.


Kim Dao Has Big Fun With A Few Friends

It is another day and Kim Dao is heading out to do more traveling. She stopped at 7/11 and purchased a burrito and another snack for the day. Kim Dao were stranded in the car because of the car stopper ( For a minute, it seemed like the car was damaged, but everything turned out fine. They arrive to their destination and Kim Dao shows the pay to park machine. Her friends seemed very excited and jokes with her. They visit a beautiful temple. It is snowing there. There are many steps up an incline and Kim Dao worries she will slip. She expresses that she is very tired and forgot to bring her water bottle. The scenery is beautiful and has many mountains. They stop to McDonalds for lunch. Her lunch consisted of a sandwich with egg, fries, and a soda. It also came with a Japanese plum. You have to put the fries in a bag and then pour in the plum, shake it up and then it becomes chips. Her friend didn’t like it, but Kim Dao said it wasn’t bad. She orders a McShake and likes it.Learn more :

They arrive at the location where they will be staying for the night. She is about to film a video for her main channel. She soaks her feet in cold water and relaxes for awhile. They want to explore the area some more. They sit down and have dinner. Kim Dao dresses up in her Harry Potter outfit and her friend has on a Yoshi costume. They act silly for a minute and then goes outside for more fun.Learn more :

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The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund Fighting for the First Amendment rights

One of the most highly esteemed immigrant rights organizations in the United States of America is the American Immigration Council. It is a non-profit organization that was established in 1987.

The American Immigration Council operates with litigation matters, does policy analysis, takes care of communication issues, as well as with international exchange and more. The organization values humane behavior towards people, both immigrants, and natives, as well as creative approaches and honest debates and facts.

The American Immigration Council works in the field of litigation. It helps immigrants achieve a fair judicial process and helps them stand of for their rights as individuals.

The Council has been known to hold the government and other institutions accountable for wrongful behavior towards immigrants. The American Immigration Council has filed lawsuits towards institutions and individuals who have been acting unlawfully towards immigrants in the past.

The American Immigration Council has also been doing a lot of education work over the course of its existence. It has always strived towards educating people about immigrants and their cultures.

The Council has been fighting towards eliminating the discriminatory views as well as towards showing people that they should not fear immigrants solely based on the fact that they have immigrated. It has been educating on the many contributions that immigrants have made to the society both today and in the past. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

The American immigration council helps to arrange cultural exchanges to strengthen businesses between the United States of America and the global market. This helps American businesses broaden their access to innovative ideas. The American immigration Council secures the cultural richness and well-being of a global community by sponsoring its interns and trainees.

The American Immigration Council has been supported by the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. The organization was created by Mr. Jim Larkin and Mr. Michael Lacey. They used to work as journalists before they were arrested at the beginning of October in 2007.

The two colleagues co-founded Village Voice Media as well as Phoenix New Times. Both Mr. Larkin and Michael Lacey had dedicated their journalistic careers to defending the First Amendment rights of people and have exposed many individuals and organizations for neglecting others’ fundamental rights.

Jim Larkin and Mr. Michael Lacey received a settlement that amounts to $3.75 million after the lawsuit that they filed against the person who had arrested them – Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The Sheriff resorted to the detention because the two journalists had exposed him for receiving jury proceedings.

The large settlement was directed towards the support of a vast number of organizations dedicated to the protection of civil rights, human rights, as well as migrant rights and freedom of speech. The groups and organizations that Mr. Jim Larkin and Mr. Michael Lacey made donations to are based in the state of Arizona as well as along the Mexican border.

The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is currently a supported of more than twenty organizations. Some of them are the American Immigration Council, the Arizona Justice Project, the Center for Neighborhood Leadership, the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona and much more.

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Arthur Becker Takes Charge in Soho Development

Arthur Becker is taking his burgeoning real estate business down to Soho in order to work on a new development, reports are showing. Arthur Becker made his first fortune as a stockbroker before switching gears in order to focus on a slew of other enterprises. Over the past several years we have seen Becker become a bigger and bigger force in the real estate world, culminating with some high end developmental work. Now involved with a condo project down in Soho, reports are showing that Becker has doubled down on his investment by purchasing three different townhouses adjacent to the Soho development project he had already invested in.

If you hadn’t yet heard of Becker’s work in real estate by name, you’ve likely read about it in any event. Arthur Becker has quietly been becoming one of the bigger fores in New York’s real estate scene. He’s done so by playing the role of quiet backer to some of the bigger real estate moguls in the city. Arthur Becker has worked directly with Kevin Maloney and his team at Property Markets Group as well as Robert Gladstone and the crew at Madison Partners Equities. Becker’s bigger developments of his own have been on Billionaires’ Row and 465 Washington Street. His work on the Soho developmental project will now take on renwed importance as his primary focus.

Public information regarding financial statistics has been pretty quiet thus far in the development, but analytics from Real Capital Analytics shows that Becker is almost $15 million deep into this project. This price comes from Becker’s initial investment as well as the purchase price for the trio of additional townhouses. The townhouses are located at 30, 40, and 50 Sullivan Street. These townhouses are all 6,500 square feet when they are finished being built. After the purchase Becker anticipates that they will be done being built within 90 days. Becker plans to live in one while selling the other two.

The reason that Becker chose the Soho development was pretty obvious. He considers Sullivan Street to be one of the most charming streets around the city.

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How To Find Confidence For Dating With Whitney Wolfe’s App

People who are in the dating game always say that it requires confidence to be successful. However, there are a ton of people that are lacking in confidence and don’t know how to develop it.

Also, online dating has a lot of disadvantages that can cause men to lose even more confidence. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe has worked on Bumble as CEO in ways to bring forth advantages to dating that is going to make both men and women happy. Women will be able to go for what they want while men just have to sit back and let the app do the work in matching them.

Bumble is very good for confidence because it helps both men and women get the results they want from dating. Whether it be finding someone to spend the rest of their lives with or finding someone to have a good time with, Bumble is the app that brings more results than the other dating apps. Therefore, people will be happier about the results they get from Bumble. Also, the fact that Bumble is so effective is the reason to build more confidence so that the date can be a success. One thing that people don’t want is someone who is a downer. People go on dates to be happy.

Whitney Wolfe herself loves someone who has a lot of confidence in himself. One of the best ways to be confidence is for one to take pride in himself. It helps to be clean and well dressed. When a man finds a unique style, this brings forth a greater sense of confidence. This carries over into other areas of his life. For one thing, the person that he dates will pick up on the confidence and will feel comfortable around him. The date will be a success for him.

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Vijay Eswaran – One Of The Most Successful Malaysian Entrepreneurs

Vijay Eswaran is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Malaysia and presently serves as the Executive Chairman of multi-modal and multi-national conglomerate, QI Group, headquartered in Hong Kong.

During his early life, he moved to Malaysia due to his father’s job with the Malaysian Ministry of Labour. For his higher education he went to the United Kingdom, he joined London School of Economics and got a degree in Socio-Economics.

After his graduation from the London School of Economics, he did a stream of small jobs in different parts of Europe, starting from working as a cabbie to working in Vineyards of France, and more. It was during this time that he learned more about the binary system marketing, which pushed him to enroll for a professional certification course at CIMA.

Vijay Eswaran then moved to the United States and completed his Masters in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University. In the United States, he worked for an MLM company named Synaptics, and after he had returned to Malaysia, Cosway Group approached him to manage their MLM business in the Philippines, which is when his interest in the MLM business grew further.

Finally, in 1998, he opened an MLM company, which would grow exponentially in the years to come and be known as the QI Group. It is a group that is invested in many diverse sectors, including in luxury products, wellness, telecommunications, travel, corporate investments, training, media, and more.

Even though the QI Group is headquartered in Hong Kong, it has offices in over 30 countries through its subsidiaries, including in Thailand, India, Singapore, China, Philippines, and others. Vijay Eswaran is also an exceptional motivational speaker and an author, and has written several books, including “The Sphere of Silence,” “In The Thinking Zone,” “18 Stepping Stones”, “On The Wings of Thought,” and “Two Minutes from the Abyss.” Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Qi Group sells a range of consumer, beauty, luxury, lifestyle, wellness, nutrition, weight loss, and other variety of products on its sites, which can only be purchased by the consumers upon having the referral ID of one of the QI members. In this way, the commissions are passed on to the members, helping the company to provide valuable products while giving a chance to its members to grow along with the enterprise.

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The Return Of Vijay Eswaran | The Sunday Leader

Securus Technologies – Providing Telecommunication Services For Prisoners

Securus Technologies is a company that has been serving the law enforcement agencies and correctional space for long. The company is built on innovation and serving its customers with trust, which is why, the company, is today the market leader in the correctional sphere.

Securus Technologies offer a variety of services to the correctional space for inmate communications, which includes phone services, video services, video visitation, email services, voicemail services, and more. These services help the prisoners to remain in contact with their loved ones and are one of the essential services that also contribute to keeping the crime rate low in the correctional spaces.

Securus Technologies is very transparent in its operation and wants to let their customers and investors know about how they operate their infrastructure development and the advances they have made in the technology front. It is for this reason; the company recently announced an open invitation for the potential and existing customers and invitation to their technology center based in Dallas, Texas.

Their technology center is one of the most advanced on the planet, and the fact that Securus Technologies already has over 600 patents to its name, only goes on to add credit to that fact. In the press release announcement, they also released a series of comments from the letters the company received from the jail and law enforcement officials. In the comments, the jail and law enforcement officials have praised the company for their services and have listed how the company’s services are helping them keep the crime rate low.

As a jail official myself, I have put to use the services offered by Securus Technology to maintain the inmate on inmate crime low and get the information available in real-time to catch the offenders. Also, it has drastically with crime prevention and keeping the mischievous detainees and offenders in check. Securus Technology has products and services that keep the communities and correctional space safer, and also ensures that the inmates can stay in touch with their loved ones.

Flavio Maluf Tells Us the U.K. Needs Brazil To Expand Its Free-Market Agenda

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union is not just about the amount of money the government paid the EU every year. It’s not just about the immigration issue, or workers entering the U.K. and taking jobs away from British workers on LinkedIn. The U.K. needs to boost trade with China, South Korea, Mexico, and Brazil. Brazil is the diamond in the rough when it comes to trade. Brazil’s natural resources, oil, and tech industry can help the U.K. establish a more balanced trade policy. Because of the changes in government, and the explosion of a new middle class, Brazil will need to import more British goods and services, according to Brazilian entrepreneur, Flavio Maluf. Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex. Eucatex is one of Brazil’s top building material exporters. Brazil is the U.K.’s largest trading partner in Latin America, but Brazil only exports two percent of its total exports to the U.K.

Brazil is transitioning to the right under the leadership of Michel Temer. Britain’s business establishment at, as well as the country’s political machine, wants to make more deals with Brazil. Past Brazilian presidents wanted multilateral deals instead of bilateral deals because group negotiations with advanced markets produced better outcomes. But the socialists are gone, and Temer wants to make bilateral deals with the U.K., and the United States. British capitalists have wanted to take advantage of the crops, minerals, energy and other products in Brazil before the Brexit vote, but they couldn’t because of European Union regulations, according to Flavio Maluf.

Eucatex has been doing business with some countries in the EU for years. Germany has been a loyal Eucatex customer for more than 50 years. Flavio Maluf thinks a new bilateral agreement with Britain will help his company grow over the next ten years. Eucatex manufactures paint, varnishes, floorboards, ceiling tile, and other products from four factories in the state of Sao Paulo. Eucatex also has offices in Brazil, the U.S., and Europe. Most Eucatex brands are sold in home improvement stores in North America. Adding home improvement stores and new construction companies in the U.K. to the Eucatex customer list would be a win for Flavio Maluf.