Ryan Seacrest: The Jack of all trades

ABC aired the famously known musical series program American Idol with Ryan Seacrest as the host. It is not his first rodeo. Ryan has a world-class reputation and not only being an award-winning personality, but he also is a host in radio and television channel. American Idol was formerly hosted by Fox. Ryan Seacrest said the program version would be different.

His debut into American Idol in 2002 together with his co-host Brian Dunkleman made the show popular until when he was the solo host with a big number of viewers. This even led him into signing lucrative deals making him the highest paid television host in 2009. He received the Emmy Award nominations from 2004 all the way through to 2013 as well as 2016 because of the show. It was a clear indication of how amazing he was at his job.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation is a non-profit organization and founded by the one, and only Ryan Seacrest is set purposefully for youth inspiration. The organization is aimed at the implementation of entertainment and education programs and initiatives.

The foundation has various missions and visions. The priority objective is to ensure that there are available broadcast institutions referred to as Seacrest Studios. An amazing fact about this media centers is that they will be situated in Pediatric hospitals to enable the patients to engage in the creative sphere and diversify in their talents in television and media widely. Their underlying principle is to actively help the local media students from nearby locations to have a hands-on approach to media, journalism, and broadcasting hence increasing their scope of experience beyond what is taught I schools and class.

The foundation does not stop there; the Foundation also supports the patients and allows them to explore their talents as well as inducing an environment of positivity regardless of being sick as they undergo treatment.

Clearly, Ryan remains to be a great influencer in the Hollywood industry and his ability to be a creative entrepreneur has put him in the roadmap to success.