How Alex Pall Feels About His Band’s Success

Since Alex Pall is one half of The Chainsmokers, he knows there are things he can do to make people understand all the options he has for showing others positive experiences. He also feels good about the way he runs the band so he can continue providing people positive music choices. When his band hit number one after many consecutive weeks of success, he knew there were things that would continue helping him see the most positive parts of the way he made music. He worked with his bandmate to come up with ideas for new music and that’s what they put into action as a band. While they realized they had to do a lot of different things to make the music work, they also knew they had to experience more based on the positive opportunities they had while creating band experiences. It was their goals that shaped their future.



Now that The Chainsmokers is extremely successful, Alex Pall knew he made the right choices. He felt good about the experiences he had with his bandmate and that made sense for him to continue making music. He knows what the people want and he isn’t afraid to keep showing them he can do things the right way. For Alex Pall, the point of the music is so he can continue helping people have a good understanding of it. He wants everyone to see where they can get positive musical opportunities from no matter what.


The ideas he had for success in the past were shaped by the experiences he created with the industry. The Chainsmokers continue their success and Alex Pall felt good about the right way to do things. He also felt confident he was making all the right calls with the music he created. It was his idea of helping that made it easier for him to see there were positive experiences people could benefit from with the music. Alex Pall knew just what to do and wasn’t afraid to keep giving back no matter how hard he had to do work to do things. The band continues being successful because of his dedication.