Tom Keane on the Microsoft Product Line Expansion

Tom Keane is a business executive working with Microsoft. His work mainly focuses on the software as a service and cloud computing industry. Tom has been awarded twice by Pinnacle Award 2021. He is also the recipient of the Outstanding Associate Award and Outstanding Achievement Award, all given by The Economist Company.


This, for his extraordinary achievements within his field of work. As for the numerical side, Tom Keane has offered 24 different titles for his company portfolio with an annual income of 2 million dollars. The core of the software developer and engineer´s work consists of the following:


Tom has been maintaining a portfolio in stock prices and company changes. He has led the research team for Microsoft Product Line Expansion, including Business Intelligence and Operations Management. Tom Keane is also an avid follower of Dynamics NAV as the software developer likes to monitor unique changes in competing firms and strategies. 


He is an expert at helping companies in the cloud computing industry to adopt these new technologies quickly. He is also a strong advocate for business opportunities within the company’s dynamism. Tom Keane has witnessed many changes in this industry from different angles, such as technology, environment, trend and strategy. His first collection of cloud computing articles is titled ‘Cloud.’ The company in which Tom Keane works for Microsoft has an intense focus on cloud computing.


Pinnacle Award


Pinnacle Award has been awarded to Tom Keane on two separate occasions and the reason behind this is his outstanding achievements in cloud computing. The Economist Company gives the Pinnacle Award. These awards are granted to people who positively impact the environment, business conditions and human development.