Ways Robert Ivy Has Redefined The Architectural World

One of the most efficient ways of enlightening a professional group is through publications. In 1996, Robert Ivy started this engaging and demanding journey of making the architectural world one of the best professionals in the world. For years, his contributions in this professional world have redefined the position of architects in the world of professionalism. Under Architectural Record, Ivy was able to raise some significant concerns about the profession, which fortunately are no longer a challenge.

Due to his impressive approach to design and architecture, it is remarkable to note that Robert Ivy has been part of different architectural jurists. In these different jurists, his contributions on selecting the best designers and architects have made some significant projects successful. National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial, for example, is a perfect illustration of his keen eye on design. Robert Ivy was part of the panel that selected Frank Gehr.

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Due to his massive contributions to the architectural world, Robert Ivy is one of the most respected people within the circles of the architectural world as well as the creativity and design world. He is one of the few peoples that have been honored by different professional bodies. Some of these honors include premier magazine award, which is one of the most prestigious awards in the world of publications and the prestigious American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award. Nine years ago, he was the winner of Crain Award, due to his contributions to the world of business. According to pundits, Crain Award is one of the most prestigious awards an individual can get in the world of business, and it is impressive to note that Robert Ivy is the recipient.

Currently, he is part of the expansive American Institute of Architects as CEO. This organization has given him the platform to continue influencing the world of architecture in a more professional capacity. It is also through this platform that Robert Ivy is bringing professional together with the aim of making their interests have a voice in the international spaces of policy formulation. In just three years, his efforts have started becoming fruitful through massive considerations in the current policies.