What Does Betsy DeVos Have Planned For Education?

Betsy DeVos was nominated by President Trump in order to serve as the Secretary of Education for the United States of America. After a contentious and difficult confirmation hearing, of which there have since been many, Betsy DeVos was confirmed and able to take her position as the head of the Department of Education. After being nominated for the position, Betsy DeVos has been under constant fire from the media and members of both the right and left sides of the political aisle. The reason? Betsy DeVos is a reformer and her goal is to enact change on American politics and she is going to start by championing school choice.


School choice is a topic that likely wouldn’t even be talked about had it not been for the hard work that Betsy DeVos has been doing over the past thirty or so years. School choice is, in essence, a concept that pushes parents to enroll their children into the educational facilities that suit them the most. Rather than simply pushing child after child into the public school system, Betsy DeVos believes that the government should help fund alternative educational paths. Facilities like charter schools and religious schools should receive more support under a school choice friendly government. Why does Betsy DeVos believe in this concept so much?


Well, the idea of educational choice arose from Milton Friedman’s paper titled, ‘The Role Of Government In Education’. 50 years after Friedman wrote that paper, the first private-school voucher facility opened its doors in Milwaukee, WI. Since then, 17 states have adopted privately funded, publicly available school choice facilities. More than 250,000 students have since enrolled into this special educational choice programs. Betsy DeVos has seen the effect and impact that educational choice can have on children as Michigan is one of the most prominent states in support of the concept.


Despite the clear success and impact that school choice is having on children, Betsy DeVos knows that she has an uphill battle to fight back in Washington D.C. DeVos has to square off against an increasingly partisan D.C. while also selling the concept to people all over America. Fortunately, conservatives are coalescing around this concept of education reform and that means that there is more momentum than ever. With President Trump and the Republican establishment at her back, Betsy DeVos should be able to push school choice further than it has ever been before.


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