Yuri Milner – Junior Breakthrough Challenge Competition

Yuri Milner invented groundbreaking technologies that have had a significant impact on our society. Milner has donated over US$ 1 billion to scientific progress and founded Breakthrough Prize with his wife. His firm is best known for the internet, which has become the world’s largest network of parties, eclipsing telecommunication networks. Here we shall discuss him as a philanthropist and entrepreneur.


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  1. Breakthrough Junior Challenge

Yuri Milner has recently begun to conduct a new annual academic competition in cooperation with Stanford University. This competition aims to select 3-5 young post-graduate students each year whose research interests the judges deem to be at the highest level. Milner then sponsors them for five years in a highly competitive program at Stanford University. In addition, the competitors are provided generous funding, accommodations, and support from experts in their fields.

  1. Milner Prize


Yuri Milner decided that he wanted to make a difference and set up the $3 million Breakthrough Prizes for fundamental physics, life sciences, and mathematics. The prestigious prizes are awarded by a committee of eminent scientists and backed by several public figures, including Stephen Hawking, Martin Rees, Richard Dawkins, and George Smoot. In addition to the cash prize that accompanies each award ($3 million is on offer for the winners), each winner selects a charity to which $100,000 is given. The prizes aim to encourage physicists who have made fundamental contributions to their field but have yet to win a Nobel Prize. The first awards were in 2012 to Peter Higgs and François Englert, who received their Nobel Prize shortly after. Yuri Milner is known as a philanthropist and entrepreneur in our time. His investment in new research and science is greatly impressive. He has invested in business and science and has spread his money globally to help needy people. Milner is concerned with the future of our society, as he also made a considerable donation to education.